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4 Ways Natural Light Will Boost Your Mood

residentialIf you find that you are often tired or irritable throughout your work day, it may be due to something other than your 2:00 pm crash. It may be due to poor lighting. Many people do not give much thought to their lighting, so long as it is easy to see what they are doing. However, poor lighting can cause health issues such as headaches, double vision, and neck soreness. It’s worth it to take time to consider your lighting. A few small changes can make a big difference to your health and productivity. Because our society is increasingly aware of sun damage and skin cancer, a lot of people have significantly reduced their exposure to the sun.


Here are four ways natural lighting will boost your mood.

Vitamin D

Natural sunlight is a very cost-effective and readily available mood enhancer. Due to its ability to help the human body produce vitamin D, it can also protect you from seasonal changes in mood. A lack of natural sunlight can lead to a deficiency in Vitamin D, which can also lead people to experience seasonal affective disorder.

When you are exposed to natural sunlight, it triggers your body to begin the production of vitamin D. Because this vitamin is not present in many foods, people are often deficient. Research has confirmed that sufficient Vitamin D levels not only control mood, but also feelings of contentment.


The brain is triggered by sunlight and darkness to release hormones. Natural sunlight increases the release of serotonin, which is known as the happy hormone. This helps you to have a better mood, as well as feel focused and calm. At night, however, the lack of sunlight triggers the brain to create melatonin. In contrast, this hormone make you feel dreary and lethargic. Without enough natural light, serotonin levels drop, which is associated with seasonal effective disorder.

Cancer Prevention

Although too much direct sunlight contributes to skin cancer, sunlight in moderation has benefits to help prevent cancer, which will keep you and your family happy in the long run. People who live in areas with short daylight hours have a higher likelihood of having certain cancers than those who live with long daylight hours. These include:

-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
-colon cancer
-pancreatic cancer
-ovarian cancer
-prostate cancer

Outlook on Life

Adding natural light to your life can reduce depression and relieve anxiety. It can literally brighten a room, making your outlook on the day seem less glum and more positive. Having a bright day in a bright room is likely to keep you calm and have a positive outlook on life.
Having natural light inside your house helps to gain the mood boosting benefits of sunlight without too much risk of skin damage. Keep your days bright with plenty of natural light inside your house.


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