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7 Ways a Skylight Can Improve Your Home

skylightSkylights have been used for several decades and continue to remain a popular fixture on residential properties. Many people choose to install skylights to enhance both the quality and comfort of their home. When determining if your home can benefit from a skylight, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Incorporate Natural Light

Skylights work by allowing natural light into the home with a window that is installed on the roof. This makes it easy to light up a dim room during the day instead of simply relying on other windows in the room. This also reduces the amount of glare in the room and balances the light for a safer space that is more illuminated.

2. Reduce Energy Usage

Skylights help to reduce the energy usage on the property by relying on natural light instead of lamps and overhead lighting that is available. This cuts down on the earth’s emissions and reduces the demand for unsustainable power for green homes. Solar energy is an unlimited resource and does not produce harmful emissions.

Tubular skylights that are used in homes help to filter light and only bring passive light into the home, which is light that doesn’t contain heat that is emitted by electrical sources. This makes it easier to maintain a cooler home and rely less on an HVAC system.

3. Open Up the Space

Skylights can benefit smaller spaces because they help to open up the rooms with more light that floods in. Residents can enjoy bright, white light that will pour into the room for a setting that feels more spacious. This also looks more natural instead of relying on incandescent bulbs that emit a yellow glow in the space.

4. Reduce the Electric Bills

By installing a skylight, you can enjoy relying less on electricity to keep a room lit, which can significantly reduce your electric bill throughout the year. You can even take advantage of different tax advantages and credits if you decide to install Energy Star products.

5. Extra Privacy

Many people don’t realize that skylights actually offer more privacy to homeowners by allowing more natural light in through the roof instead of through a window. More homes are now built much closer together than in prior decades, which can make it difficult to leave the blinds open throughout the day. Skylights can allow you to enjoy extra privacy in bathrooms, bedrooms, and even in the kitchen without relying as much on surrounding windows.

6. Reduce the Need for Fans

When you install a venting skylight, you can reduce the need for fans during the warmer seasons of the year by improving air conditions for a comfortable climate. This can reduce your usage of an HVAC unit and will reduce your energy bill throughout the year. This type of skylight is known as a passive air conditioner because it causes the warm air to be drawn up due to a chimney or exhaust effect for an immediate cooling effect. This allows fresh air to be present in the home throughout the day for a cool and comfortable space.

7. Visual Connection to the Exterior

Many homeowners enjoy the use of skylights on their property because they offer a visual connection to the exterior of the property. This makes it easy to enjoy the view of tree branches that are overhead or even do a bit of star gazing at night. This will also make it easy to enjoy a space that doesn’t feel closed off and appears more spacious during the day and night.


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