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The front door of any house is the prime focal point of both visitors and casual observers. How it appears matters a great deal. When the current one isn’t looking so good and needs a replacement, a lot of considerations need to go into choosing its successor. Doors have both aesthetic and functional qualities.

What to Consider

It’s not uncommon for contemporary houses to sport an eclectic blend of designs. Older homes located in historic districts, though, do have an added demand that the replacement door match the style of the rest of the building. Price isn’t just limited to the upfront cost of the door. Additional staining might be required. The potential lifespan of the door affects how much money is ultimately spent. There’s also the possible savings in energy depending on the insulation capability of the door. While Salinas, Monterey, and the surrounding area are normally thought of as possessing pretty mild weather, this California region can include damp fog and salty ocean breezes.

The Main Contenders

Wood Doors

Wooden doors radiate a classical touch that goes well with any style. In exchange, these doors are the most expensive of the three categories. Along with the initial cost, there are added costs in hinges and other hardware needed to handle their extra weight. Sometimes, the application of stain and sealant has to be done by the buyer. They also require more routine upkeep than the alternatives. With a solid wood core, these doors don’t offer as much insulative value as their rivals. Finally, while this part of California isn’t very humid, it can get plenty of morning fog that coats exterior doors with damaging moisture. Hollow core doors with wood veneers can become cracked and warped.

Steel Doors

This selection stands out as the least expensive of the three. It also saves a bit more money with its insulative core. As with the other choices, it can be embellished with a window and other decorative elements, but steel doors only have the options of being painted or having a baked-on enamel surface for better protection. Because they can be severely dented or experience rusting, steel doors don’t endure as long as their competitors. While there’s not much rain around the Monterey region, there is fog and corrosive salt that can cling to metal surfaces and potentially cause rust.


Price-wise, fiberglass doors sit in between steel and wood. After purchasing, they continue saving money by demanding very little maintenance. They possess foam cores like steel doors that keep out extreme heat and cold. They’re also the most weather hardy. They won’t get cracked from the cycling of foggy mornings and dry afternoons common to the Salinas area. They don’t rust or rot. They’re also not easily cracked by a few bumps and knocks. They finally save money by outlasting other choices. Fiberglass doors can sport faux wood grains along with a window for a more traditional style.

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