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Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A bathroom renovation garners one of the highest returns on investment. Today’s home buyers often look for a clean, modern, open design that flows naturally. A spacious interior layout is conducive to easily displaying the details of the room’s design, including lighting, custom vanities and fixtures. The bathroom is a room in the house where homeowners are allocating additional budget for distinctive fixtures, tile and design. Frameless shower doors are a popular choice for today’s upgraded bathrooms.

Traditional Framed Doors

A traditional framed door has heavy metal and the door may be hinged or on a sliding track. The bulkiness of the metal can feel cold and close off the room. Cleaning the track provides challenges as hard water, soap and mildew can easily build up in the crevices of the metal. Sitting water on the metal can cause corrosion over time and require replacement.

Modern bathroom with shower and bathtubCustom Frameless Glass Doors

A frameless door is custom sized, cut and fit to the space, eliminating the heavy metal frame. While beautiful, it also is tough. Thicker glass, ranging from 3/8 inch to ½ inch, is used for the frameless style. This is because the panels are not supported by a metal structure and must be sturdier than what is used in a framed door. This door is also easier to clean and is installed with a watertight seal to prevent water leaks. Hinges are most commonly used that allow the door to swing open and closed. There are various types of hardware and glass that can be chosen to complement the design and style of the bathroom.

Glass Door Benefits

Frameless doors are timeless. They can be incorporated into all design styles from contemporary to traditional to farmhouse country. They provide contrast to other design elements in the bathroom while providing a minimalist feel that will not distract from other features such as fixtures that serve as large, statement pieces or dark tile and stone. Homeowners who invest in adding special features to like interior lighting, contemporary faucets and pebble or rock floors want to keep these pieces visible, not closed off by a bulky door.

Designers have recently begun placing the shower as a focal point of the room. Beautiful custom tile and unique fixtures are surrounded by open, airy feel of a frameless door that functions as a design feature with as much decoration as purpose. The transparency of the glass allows placement anywhere, even in front of a window. In fact, placing in front of a window can provide a sense of calm and tranquility with an illusion of bringing the outdoors into the bathroom area.

The area can be custom-designed with unique angles and wall heights or shapes. This also allows for greater flexibility if working with an odd-shaped or small space. The entry can be leveled with the floor and eliminate the step for easy access for older or disabled people.

Frameless doors eliminate the look of a wall and can make a small space feel larger. Without the metal framing, there is no visual separation that almost allows the door to disappear. When light is not blocked, it can move and is able to radiate throughout the room. Bathrooms that combine a skylight with a frameless door take even greater advantage of this light movement.

Regardless of room size or design style, a frameless shower door provides the beauty and function that many homeowners are looking for, which can also add value to the home.

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