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How to Choose the Best Windows for your Home – Monterey, CA

milgard windows salinas montereyMilgard Windows conducted a survey aimed at finding out what homeowners in the cities of Salinas and Monterey need the most when it comes to window replacement. Our results indicate that most people lack the necessary knowledge on how to choose the best apertures for their homes. It is apparently quite difficult due to the availability of various styles, materials, and features. As such, below are some factors to consider before purchase.

Replacement Windows or New Windows?

This consideration is among the first factors you will have to decide upon when it comes to acquiring apertures. You should get a new window if you want to alter the shape or size of the existing window opening completely. Installing new means you can modify the appearance and feel of your house. New doesn’t cost more, although the additional labor significantly increases the overall expenditure. You should get replacement apertures if you do not intend to alter the shape or size of your current windows, in which case you will not disturb the surrounding frame or trim. Apart from involving less labor, a replacement window provides an excellent option if your current window frame is still in good shape.

Window Styles

You should get the most suitable type of window according to your needs and preferences.
The most popular types are:


When it comes to glass, recent technological advancements have significantly expanded the options. Apart from deciding on whether you will go with double-pane, triple-pane or quadruple glass, you should also decide on the distance between panes.

Although the insulation factor of a window can never be increased by the number of glass panes, the air between these panes provides additional insulation. Today, most manufacturers use argon between the panes since it insulates better than air.

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass: Features a layer of microscopically thin and virtually invisible material on the surface, which reduces the amount of heat capable of flowing through the glass.

Impact resistant glass: Although it might crack, this type does not shatter, plus it holds up exceptionally well under extreme weather conditions.

Window Summary

When choosing a window contractor for your window replacement needs, it is important to look for an experienced and reputable contractor such as Signature Glass & Windows, particularly if you reside in the cities of Salinas and Monterey, California.

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