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Using Windows to Open Up a Tiny Space

small spaceWhether in your home or your place of business, space is at a premium. Small spaces can feel claustrophobic, and the wrong design choices can add to the cramped feeling. Read on to see how the right window choices can open up you space.

Windows Placement

A window doesn’t have to be huge if you want to open up your space. It just needs to be in the right place. Consider where the sun is and what direct your room faces. It might be better to build an off-center window if this will attract more light. Bathrooms and attics are perfect places for smaller windows. Plus, the smaller size allows for discretion.

You might prefer a smaller window that’s set higher up if the lower portion of your wall doesn’t receive a lot of light. Keep moving up and install windows on angled walls or roofs. Skylights are notorious for letting in lots of light to warm up a room, literally and metaphorically.

The more light you let into a room, the less time and money you have to spend on your lighting source. And your heat bill might go down, too!

Use Windows to Define Indoor Space

Don’t forget about the ways you can use “windows” and glass indoors to define space and open up a room.

Install windowed railings around stairs and balconies.
Separate rooms with glass walls.
Replace half-walls and entryways with glass.
Use colored or frosted glass to divide a large room instead of a wall or chunky divider.
Float glass in your architecture. When you can see around it, your room will appear even bigger and less cutoff.

Consider the places where you wouldn’t normally install a window or glass. Is that drywall blocking off natural light and creating a harsh ambiance?

Window Treatments

If your space is especially small, you don’t want heavy or dark window coverings. Instead, you want as much light to filter through as possible. To achieve this, choose light and breezy curtains or even blinds that diffuse light to create the ambiance you want without blocking it. Another option is to keep your draperies pulled back to allow the most light into the room during the way.

Reflecting light

You can also increase the impression of natural light from a small light source by reflecting it. You can go about this on two main ways. The first is easy enough: choose bright colors for your paint. These will reflect the light rather than absorb it. Even if you have a large space, choosing dark paint colors can make it seem smaller. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use some dark colors. Just consider them for details or a single accent wall.

Secondly, you can also reflect light with actual mirrors. Don’t conjure up images of mirror-covered walls that were so popular in the 1980s. Instead, strategically place a single mirror above your sofa or bed if you want to add more light. Aim them toward corners, which tend to be the darker parts of the room.

Here’s a tip: smaller artwork on the walls won’t dwarf the space. You can use the same knowledge when hanging mirrors. Placing a few smaller mirrors with unique shapes and borders in an interesting layout can give the overall impression of a larger mirror, too.

Thinking outside the window box make your small space seem bigger and more inviting with less effort than you think.

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