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Considering Commercial Window Replacement?

Most business or residential owners think of replacing their windows only after they are broken. However, there are many compelling reasons why you should consider Signature Glass & Windows to replace your commercial windows in Monterey County even if they are still functional.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Windows released on the market nowadays are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. They have effective glass coatings used to block the sun rays and keep the heat inside the building. Some designs have spacer systems to enhance proper insulation and keep the glass surfaces free from condensation. Others employ the latest techniques such as use of gas and multiple panes of glass to block UV rays and reduce the rate of heat transfer. Installing energy-efficient windows will lower the heating and cooling costs significantly. This will lead to reduced monthly electricity bills. According to window manufacturers, you will immediately notice a difference of about 25 percent in your cooling and heating costs after installation.

Increased Indoor Comfort Levels

Windows directly contribute to the comfort inside the business premises. An old window can leak a lot of air and sunlight inside the building, making your employees and clients uncomfortable. You need to do a commercial window replacement so that you can benefit from a wide range of comfort features present in modern variants. New windows have more advanced glass-making and glass-coating technologies to enhance insulation. Well insulated windows mean that your commercial building in Monterey CA, Salinas Ca or surrounding areas will properly regulate the air inside and outside. This will prevent the likelihood of your commercial office space becoming stuffy and stale. You employees and the customers will appreciate having to take in some fresh air while at the premises. The modern windows are also designed based on the government comfort requirements and safety regulations.

Improved Protection of Office Merchandise and Furnishings

Most old windows do not have effective mechanisms to fight UV rays and other forms of sun damage. UV rays are known for their harmful effects on furniture, floors and artwork. Modern windows are designed to control the amount of UV rays entering the building. Some models block up to 85 percent of UV rays. Quality solar films even block up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. These windows can slow down the fading and damage of office furniture, decorations and floors dramatically. This will translate to reduced costs of repair and maintenance. You may have difficulties protecting your furniture and merchandise with an old window model if you live in Monterey County. This is because this place receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year. The only way to achieve a long-lasting solution is to consider window replacement.

Increased Curb Appeal

The windows of your commercial office in Monterey CA, Salinas CA or surrounding areas say a lot about your business. Beautiful windows show the professionalism within your organization. They can attract walk-in customers or assure your existing clients that you put quality first. Discolored glasses found in old windows may push away potential clients and even make new customers think you don’t value them. The productivity of your employees will also reduce significantly because of the unpleasant surroundings. You need a commercial window replacement like Signature Glass & Windows to enhance the quality of the work environment. Modern windows are designed with aesthetics in mind. You can use them to make your entryway look more modern and beautiful. Contact a professional decorator in Monterey County to help you get a window design that matches the rest of your building.

Reduced Sound Transmission

If you operate along streets with busy traffic, you may need windows that enhance a serene environment. A quiet place improves the employees' level of concentration and increases productivity significantly. A quite environment can also make the occupants more comfortable. New windows with higher sound transmission class will block most of the sound, keeping your commercial office space in Monterey County more conducive for work.


Today’s window frames are made of materials that can hold up to weather and time better than older versions. These windows are less susceptible to corrosion and leakages and are less likely to deteriorate like older ones. This means less maintenance and repair costs.

Whether you live in Salinas CA or any other part of Monterey County, you need to consider commercial window replacement for an optimal work environment. Contact Signature Glass & Windows to enjoy the benefits discussed above. However, be careful with service providers who promise excellent services only to disappoint later. Contact the experts at Signature Glass & Windows for effective services tailored for your specific needs. The company’s window pros have a lot of experience spanning three decades. You are guaranteed of an excellent customer service and a faster turnaround. We serve businesses located in Monterey County and its surroundings.

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